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Acceleration Logger

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The mystery of how fragile shipments are handled will finally be solved!



Have you ever thought about how shippers handle your valuable packages?

Think no more. Ask RuuviTag.

What do we need?

A simple firmware application which stores acceleration data that a receiver can read out. 

RuuviTag's accelerometer is made by STMicroelectronics and it can measure +-16 G accelerations up to 5 000 times a second. It also has 2 independent programmable interrupt lines which are capable of sensing a free-fall. Also, max acceleration threshold interrupts can be set.

A simple MVP (Minimum Viable Product) could be created using Espruino. After that, a more powerful C application could be produced.

What do you think?


Reward (completed, check the comments!)

Make a proof-of-concept script using Espruino and earn a 3-pack of RuuviTag+ devices shipped to your door.

To receive this, this is what we want to accomplish:

  • Store a timestamp and G data of the max acceleration measured.
  • Make it possible to read the data easily with a mobile phone (maybe using Web Bluetooth?)

Note that when using Espruino, there is not a lot of storage available. Better to store just the max values per hour. If there are many measurements over thresholds within a short timeframe, store only the highest one.

Leave a comment if any questions or better ideas on how this should be implemented.


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