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Cat Activity Monitor

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Would you like to know how many hours your cat is napping per day?



How lazy is your cat?

Does it nap all day? Does it like to play? Does it hunt?

Now you can know just how much stuff it does.


What do we need?

  1. A cat.
  2. A RuuviTag to be attached to the cat.
  3. A script or firmware C application that runs on the RuuviTag.

How could RuuviTag monitor your cat(s)?

RuuviTag has an integrated accelerometer. It can be used to monitor if the cat is napping or moving.

Reward - Collected. See the comments below to use the counter.

As you can see, the tutorial isn't ready yet.

We need help coming up with an effective cat (or pet) activity monitor!

We want to reward the first person who comes up with a script/firmware application with a 3-pack of RuuviTag+ devices.

To receive the reward, accomplish these features:

  1. Measure movements continuously. Keeping in mind that one should aim to minimize power consumption.
  2. Log movement percentage from the last 24-hour period in order to calculate a total movement percentage.
  3. Broadcast the percentage of the last 24-hour period once-per-second (1 Hz) in an Eddystone-URL format https://85.6%_CATNAP

Better ideas?

Leave a comment if any questions or better ideas on how this should be implemented.



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