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Beehive Monitor

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Follow the climate inside your beehives



We've received several requests from companies and users who are interested in monitoring the environmental variables inside their beehives.

RuuviTag is a great and inexpensive tool for this. To try this out, all you need are some RuuviTags and a way to listen to them. The listener can be, for example, a gateway or a mobile phone.


If you've got a little programming skills, you can set up Raspberry Pi as a gateway. Instructions are available on our blog. This allows you to have a set up similar to the live demo providing a convenient way to monitor your beehives from anywhere.

You can even setup Grafana to alert you via email if some parameter is out of a desired range.

Mobile phone

If you don't need a long database with logs and dashboards, you can simply check the current status of the sensors using Ruuvi Station mobile app that's available on Android and iOS. 


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