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Would you like to join the fun?

RuuviTag is open-source and Ruuvi community's main idea is to allow everyone to contribute and easily find help.

We have 4 main channels:

  • RuuviLab
    • Where you can find tutorials, ideas, technical specifications, etc.
  • Forum
    • A place where questions can easily be asked. You can also showcase your own project there!
  • Slack
    • This team is for real-time discussion. Welcome!
  • GitHub
    • Where all the software and hardware design files can be found.

To contribute to RuuviLab tutorials:

  1. Leave a comment on a tutorial page.
  2. Follow these instructions.

If you would like to contribute to our official firmware projects, these sample paths that can be followed:

  1. Join our Slack team.
  2. Ask how could you help.


  1. Find a bug on GitHub.
  2. Create an issue or even better: fix it and make a pull request!

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