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Firmware Update

Updating is easy and doesn't require any previous knowledge

Firmware is the program which is running in your RuuviTag.

No external programming tools or any previous knowledge is required to update the firmware.

Device Firmware Update Over-the-Air (DFU OTA) can be done wirelessly. It's also a safe thing to do. So far we haven't been able to break the software of a single RuuviTag by updating official distribution packages OTA.

Option 1 - Ruuvi Firmware

This is the default application RuuviTags are shipped with.

On earlier versions URL mode was enabled after reset but from version 1.2 onwards, RAW mode is on by default. The tag starts broadcasting at 10 Hz for 30 seconds to speed up detection of the tag in Ruuvi Station app. Battery lifetime is theoretically 4 years in RAW mode and 2 years in URL mode in room temperature. Practical lifetime depends on temperature of the tag.

Download Ruuvi Firmware distribution package (.zip)

RAW mode transmits at 1000 ms interval and URL mode at 500 ms interval. Both modes have transmit power of +4dBm.

To find more info and accurate current consumption measurements, check GitHub readme page. 

Older versions:

1.0.1 URL mode on by default, no NFC.

Beta versions:

* 2.4.2

This is a release candidate for future firmware of RuuviTags. It has RAWv2 mode which gives you more precise sensor readings. The tag boots up in the same RAWv1 mode as the 1.2.12, but you can enter the RAWv2 mode by pressing "B" on your RuuviTag. On second button press the tag switches to slower mode for longer battery life. Long press on "B" now enters bootloader. 

Theoretical battery life on RAWv1 mode is 6 years, RAWv2 mode 5 years and 7 years on slow RAWv2 mode. Please note that the battery voltage measurement is now synchronized to radio, which gives more accurate measurements and voltage is generally reported as lower than in v1 firmware. 

Faster mode transmits at 2000 ms interval and slower mode at 6000 ms interval. TX power is +4dBm.

Option 2 - Eddystone

Make RuuviTag work as a proximity beacon using Eddystone open beacon protocol. The battery lifetime is theoretically 4 years at the default setting of broadcasting a URL at 2 Hz with a power setting +0 dBm.

Download Eddystone distribution package (.zip)

To find more info and accurate current consumption measurements, check GitHub readme page. 

Option 3 - Espruino JavaScript Interpreter

Espruino is a perfect scripting tool for prototyping and it's simple to use and easy to learn.

Download Espruino distribution package (choose the latest

How to update?

Firmware can be updated using nRF Connect on Android and nRF Toolbox on iOS by following these video tutorials:




By creating incompatible distribution packages by yourself it's possible to damage RuuviTag's internal bootloader. If you happen to do this, you'll need a Serial-Wire-Debug (SWD) connection to rescue the device. For example, our DevShield can be used.

macOS/Safari users: To save a ZIP file without extracting it automatically, first right click the link and then select Download Linked File.

In addition of nRF Toolbox, also nRF Connect on iOS can be used to perform a DFU OTA.

Any issues?

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