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Firmware Update

Updating is easy and doesn't require any previous knowledge

Firmware is the program which is running in your RuuviTag.

No external programming tools or any previous knowledge is required to update the firmware.

Device Firmware Update Over-the-Air (DFU OTA) can be done wirelessly. It's also a safe thing to do. So far we haven't been able to break the software of a single RuuviTag by updating official distribution packages wirelessly.

How to update?

Firmware can be updated using nRF Connect on Android and iOS by following these video tutorials:


1. Open Google Play on your mobile
2. Install nRF Connect for Mobile by Nordic Semiconductor ASA
3. Set RuuviTag to bootloader mode by holding down button B and pressing reset button R. Red indicator LED light will light up and stay on.
4. Open internet browser on your mobile. Find and download the desired firmware package (scroll down this page)
5. Open nRF Connect. Tap "Scan" and allow permissions
6. Tap "Scan" at the top right corner of the screen and find sensor "RuuviBoot" from the list. Select "Connect"
7. Tap "DFU" and select "Distribution packet ZIP" from the list, then locate the previously downloaded ZIP file on your mobile
8. Pick the file from the list and tap "Open". The firmware update process will begin. Wait while the process has completed successfully.

Your RuuviTag sensor is ready for use!


1. Open App Store on your mobile
2. Install nRF Connect by Nordic Semiconductor ASA
3. Set RuuviTag to bootloader mode by holding down button B and pressing reset button R. Red indicator LED light will light up and stay on.
4. Open internet browser on your mobile. Find and download the desired firmware package.
5. Choose "Open in nRF Connect" on your internet browser when prompted. nRF Connect will now open and previously downloaded file will be imported to application. (*)
6. Tap "Scan" at the top right corner of the screen, then find sensor "RuuviBoot" from the list and select "Connect". A popup will open. Swipe to the last tab named "DFU". 7. Pick the previously imported ZIP package to upload. Tap "Start" to begin the firmware update process. Wait while the process has completed successfully.

 * Note: Latest iOS13 Safari doesn't automatically suggest to "Open in nRF Connect" after download has finished. Instead, choose Downloads from top right corner of the screen to show the downloaded file in your On My iPhone/Downloads folder, then tap "Select" from top right and activate the downloaded zip file. A menu appears at the bottom of the screen. Choose "Send To" -icon at bottom left and scroll until "Copy to nRF Connect" is shown. Tap on "Copy to nRF Connect" will open app and copy the downloaded zip file to nRF Connect application. Continue to step 6.

Your RuuviTag sensor is ready for use!

Option 1 - Official Ruuvi Firmware

This is the default application RuuviTags are shipped with.

Download the latest production version:

Firmware versions 2.5.X and later advertise by default in higher precision mode known as RAWv2. All Ruuvi official software and most of the community software supports the RAWv2 mode, but you can enter the previous RAWv1 mode if you need to.

The firmware has 3 modes:

  1. RAWv2-fast (broadcast every 1285ms, green LED blinks, theoretical battery life 4 years)
  2. RAWv2-slow (broadcast every 6425ms, green LED blinks, theoretical battery life 6 years)
  3. RAWv1-fast (broadcast every 1285ms, red LED blinks, theoretical battery life 4 years)

The firmware boots up first time in the mode 1. Button "B" changes the mode to 2. On button presses, the modes cycle 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1...

Transmission power is +4 dBm on all the modes. Practical battery lifetime depends on operating temperature. Please note that the battery voltage measurement is now synchronized to radio transmissions. This gives more accurate measurements and voltage is generally reported as lower than in older firmwares. 

This firmware is the current factory firmware. To find exact functional specifications and accurate current consumption measurements, check GitHub release page. Finnish 

Finnish Traficom Cyber Security Centre has granted Cybersecurity Label for this firmware version. 

Cybersecurity Label

Download the latest beta version, please let us know if you notice any issues

  • 3.28.13 BLE 4.0 support for phones which do not support BLE 4.2 - use this if log transfer does not work on 3.30
  • 3.30.0 Energy-optimized version, supports RuuviTag B8 boards.

With the new 3.x firmware, Ruuvi sensors become connectable and they can continuously log history without nearby mobile phones. This means that user can read out logged history and enjoy background scanning features on Apple devices.

By default, the firmware acts like the 2.x firmware but it's also possible to establish and keep the connection. On Apple devices, this is the only way to receive alerts when the Ruuvi Station app is in background.

History size on the firmare is 3500 temperature + pressure + humidity data points. History is logged in the firmware once in ~5 minutes, for a total memory length of 12 days.

Note 1: After upgraded to 3.x, it's not possible to return back to 2.x without a wired connection. This includes Eddystone and Espruino firmwares.

Note 2: Theoretical battery lifetime is shorter on this FW. Battery is expected to last up to 3 years, whereas 2.x has runtime of up to 4 years.

Older versions:

  • 1.0.1 deprecated URL mode on by default, no NFC support.
  • 1.2.12 RAWv1 by default, URL mode available through button "B". Green LED blinks in URL mode, red LED blinks in RAWv1 mode.

Option 2 - Eddystone

Make RuuviTag work as a proximity beacon using Eddystone open beacon protocol. The battery lifetime is theoretically 4 years at the default setting of broadcasting a URL at 2 Hz with a power setting +0 dBm.

Download Eddystone distribution package (.zip)

To find more info and accurate current consumption measurements, check GitHub readme page. 

Option 3 - Espruino JavaScript Interpreter

Espruino is a perfect scripting tool for prototyping and it's simple to use and easy to learn.

Download Espruino distribution package (choose the latest

Which firmware I have right now?

You can read RuuviTag using your mobile phone's NFC.

Android phones don't usually require NFC reader applications but make sure that the NFC is enabled.

If you're on iPhone 7 - X, you can follow these instructions.

"SW:" field contains version information, for example:

If you're on very old Ruuvi firmware or on Espruino, NFC scan won't work. In this case, please update the firmware.

Any issues?

Head to troubleshooting.


By creating incompatible distribution packages by yourself it's possible to damage RuuviTag's internal bootloader. If you happen to do this, you'll need a Serial-Wire-Debug (SWD) connection to rescue the device. For example, our DevShield can be used.

macOS/Safari users: To save a ZIP file without extracting it automatically, first right click the link and then select Download Linked File.

In addition of nRF Connect, also nRF Toolbox on iOS can be used to perform a DFU OTA.

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