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IOTA Data Marketplace

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Securely store, sell and access data streams




IOTA Foundation behind distributed ledger technology designed especially for IoT devices, has released their first version of data marketplace.

This means, for example, low power sensor devices can sell their data and receive payments. Not actual FIAT money but cryptocurrency.

With RuuviTag sensor nodes it's easy and straightforward to start selling sensor data. Possibilities are pretty much endless.

Get Started

Official API info will be published soon by IOTA Foundation. We'll then update this tutorial and share our Node.js code which listens nearby RuuviTags and sends stream to the marketplace.

If you look for RuuviTags in Finland on marketplace's map, you can see it's already in action:

By clicking the pin, data stream can be purchased:

Note that the marketplace runs on a testnet. So purchasing sensor data won't cost you anything. Just click Fund Wallet button to receive some IOTA tokens to try it out.

More Info

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