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Ruuvi Station Mobile Application

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Easy tool to listen multiple RuuviTags at the same time




Development of the application started end of 2016 by Centria University of Applied Sciences.

The first version was quickly put together and it was clear it needed to be redesigned from scratch. In July 2017, a new version got released.

The new revision was a student project and it had several new features such as alarms compared to the previous one.

In September 2017, Ruuvi and Centria decided to relocate sources to Ruuvi's GitHub organisation. Later, the application got rebranded to Ruuvi Station. At this point, the application got also a totally new look, user interface and codebase.

Ruuvi Station Android mobile application's open beta version is now available on Google Play.

An iOS version is on its way and a 3rd party iOS application called Core Beacons is already available on Apple App Store.

Other options

In addition of the official application, alternative apps are available. One of these is Beacon Scanner made by Nicolas Bridoux. It's also open-source and the sources are available on GitHub. It does not support RuuviTag's high-precision RAW transmissions but only URL messages.


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