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Kaltiot Smart Tracker

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Locate your things with an alternative for GPS tracker



What is it?

Finnish SME Kaltio Technologies Oy has developed a unique tracking solution that utilizes existing infrastructure, works both indoors and outdoors, and can be used to securely share data between organizations.

How does it work?

"Kaltiot Smart Tracker is built on our market-proven IoT messaging solution that has been used by Microsoft in millions of devices to deliver billions of notifications monthly all around the world.

The solution uses affordable Bluetooth beacons, which means that even low-value items can be tracked.

No router installations are required – the system uses smart devices such as mobile phones as gateways to transfer data (location information, but also data from sensors).

User-friendly mobile app, web interface and Cloud API make set up and integration with existing IT systems easy. All this means that our tracking solution can be up and running in hours."

How to use RuuviTags with Smart Tracker?

By utilizing RuuviTags together with Kaltiot Smart Tracker solution, real time conditions can be monitored in selected areas or devices. Sensor data is automatically transferred to cloud when mobile device is within a range.

RuuviTag is able to store and fetch measurement values such as temperature, humidity and acceleration with firmware developed by Kaltiot.

For example, some cargo (medicine, food) will be spoiled if thresholds of environmental condition are exceeded or unknown. In construction site RuuviTags can be used e.g. to monitor concrete drying or to measure device usage.

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