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RuuviLab superpowers your RuuviTag!

About RuuviLab

RuuviLab is a community site full of ideas showing you how to use your RuuviTags in creative ways.

The site will grow in the future. New tutorials will be added and current ones will be enhanced.

We welcome you to contribute to RuuviLab.


To get started with your RuuviTags, follow the video tutorial:

  1. Open the waterproof enclosure.
  2. Remove the plastic resist between the battery and the battery clip to gain power.
  3. Close the lid.

Now the device is broadcasting and all the nearby Bluetooth Low Energy capable devices can see it. There are several ways to see the readings:

  1. Ruuvi Station mobile application (read more)
  2. Android's Nearby feature (read more)
  3. 3rd party iOS scanners (read more)
  4. All the other options such as Raspberry Pi based gateways (read more)


By default, RuuviTag+ (the one with all the sensors) is a weather station. It runs Ruuvi standard firmware.

RuuviTag Basic (the variant without sensors you may bought from Kickstarter campaign) is acting as an Eddystone beacon by default.

To learn how to configure and use your devices, go and explore RuuviLab's tutorials.


Cannot see any notifications? Click here or use the native mobile application.

Important Note

Starting from May 2018, RuuviTag units are shipped with a new firmware preloaded at the factory. This firmware broadcasts RAW sensor readings which do not trigger Android Nearby notifications. Use Ruuvi Station mobile application instead to see the readings. The mode can be changed to the old URL mode by pressing button B, but usually this is not necessary as the RAW packets offer better user experience and resolution.

This tutorial will be updated to match the new software.

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