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Temperature Logger

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Store temperature readings to read later



Many users and uses would benefit from a simple but high-accuracy, long-lasting temperature logger which could store temperature readings.

Industrial Environment

BME280's temperature sensor has a 0.01 °C resolution and unbelievable +-0.5 °C absolute accuracy in normal temperature ranges. These are enough for almost any industrial application.

Reward (completed, check the comments)

Create and share a firmware application (or a script using Espruino) which stores temperature data and be rewarded with a 3-pack of RuuviTag+ devices shipped to your doorstep.

These features should be implemented:

  • Store timestamps and temperature readings to internal memory (use FIFO, meaning when the memory is full, overwrite the oldest data)
  • Read the memory (Espruino console can be used)


These features aren't required to receive the reward but should be implemented in order to make RuuviTag also suit the needs of industrial customers.

  • C firmware application with ~1uA sleep current
  • Temperature readings stored to flash (FIFO)
  • Easy process to read the data (GATT + Web Bluetooth)

How would you make it even better?

Leave a comment if any ideas.


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