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Experiencing problems? Check these tips first.

  1. My RuuviTag isn't starting.
    1. Did you remove a resist between battery and battery clip?
  2. I can't see any notifications.
    1. Have you enabled Bluetooth and location on your phone?
    2. Do you have an active data connection?
    3. Did you follow these instructions?
    4. Check the Physical Web FAQ.
    5. Did you notice this?
  3. I can't connect to the Weather Station.
    1. The Weather Station firmware isn't connectable. It broadcasts only. However, it will gain new features soon.
  4. I can't enter the bootloader or update the firmware.
    1. Did you keep the boot button B pressed while you pressed the reset button R)? Try again.
    2. Are you using iOS? nRF Connect's iOS version doesn't have Over-the-Air DeviceFfirmware Update support yet. Use nRF Toolbox instead. If you are still having problems, find an Android phone. We've also experienced some issues with the iOS version of the nRF Toolbox.
  5. I cannot configure Eddystone.
    1. Did you flash the correct distribution package?
    2. Did you press the button B to enter the configuration mode?
    3. Did you use the correct unlock code? The web tool expects an 0x prefix before the code itself but the Android app doesn't.
  6. I have problems with Espruino.
    1. Espruino has its own active support forum where many topics are discussed.
    2. However, if your problem is clearly related to running Espruino on RuuviTag, please ask on our forum. This is mainly because we don't want to increase Espruino team's workload with questions related to third-party hardware platforms.
    3. Also, check this and this.

If these troubleshooting solutions didn't help or you're experiencing different problems, please feel free to ask on our forum. Probably someone else is having the same kind of issue(s) and our public forum can help, assist or even find better solutions for you!

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