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Wine Cellar Monitor

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How to keep your stash at the correct temperature?



Do you have a wine cellar, cold room or another place you would like to monitor? Is it important that the temperature should stay between a certain range?

RuuviTag can help.

BME280's +-0.5 °C absolute temperature accuracy and 0.01 °C resolution are more than enough to tell if your valuables are stored in perfect conditions.

This idea is pretty close to the temperature logger but it would be nice to get a notification if the target isn't between the correct temperature thresholds.

What is required?

  1. RuuviTag(s) running the official firmware in RAW mode.
  2. A simple mobile application which listens to nearby beacons and gives the user a notification if preset limits are crossed.

This idea has now been implemented with Ruuvi firmware and Ruuvi Station Android app.

"I don't like wine."

No problem. This kind of a temperature monitor could be used in so many places. Not just for monitoring the climate of a cellar.


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